Weathering the Covid-19 storm


How a small art gallery is using social media to survive during these uncertain times

The internet has transformed life over the last twenty years and it is because of the internet that people have been able to remain connected to one another during the Covid-19 outbreak. But it is not only social aspects that have been made easier by the existence of the internet. But by using social media in order to survive during the quarantines and lockdowns, that have affected countries all over the globe, the art community is flourishing 

Art galleries, studios and creative spaces can all buck the lockdown blues by engaging with the artists, collectors and their local communities using social media. There are so many different platforms out there and a lot of people have time to scan through content on social media sites. 

Prior to the quarantine, studios and galleries were the cultural centre of their local areas, but this was cut short by the introduction of lockdown protocols. But with social media, you can breach the gap created by social distancing. But simply scattergun approaching social media will not necessarily yield the best results.

If you haven’t already taken the plunge on social media, then it is easy to set up accounts, but though a lot of accounts focus on the “media” elements of the platforms, it is the “social” part that can really help the art community, after all the keyword there is “community”.

Weathering the Covid-19 storm

There is a unique thread that ties together the art community, a willingness to support one another, ensuring that the art market will be there long after this most recent crisis has ended. 

When it comes to engaging with people via social media, take time to formulate a plan, decide what your goal is in taking the leap to social media. Keep people informed on how the lockdown and quarantine restrictions are affecting the gallery or studio space you might own, or the art that you are creating during this period. Then reach out to others. The reaching out to others in your local art community and keeping connected with them is the whole point of social media. Rather than having a physical space to gather, there are now digital ones.  

Building connections between artists, collectors, studios, galleries and those that are new to the art scene is how the art community grows and thrives. Smaller pieces of artwork that can be shipped or large pieces that can wait to be installed can still be bought, donations to galleries and studio spaces to help cover rents and other costs can still be made. It doesn’t matter whether this is on a national or international level either. You can even use platforms such as Zoom and Skype to meet with people around the world in discussion groups, or hold forums that would normally be in your studio space in a digital venue. 

It can even open up new markets for artists, galleries, studios, and collectors that they never dared to explore before. There are many restrictions of movement thanks the Covid-19 pandemic, but connecting with people has never been easier.  

Though the art world is one that needs money to survive like any other, but it is clear that it is a unique community comprised of artists, agents, galleries, studios, and collectors that values connection one another above money, especially during a time when we are all forced to be apart.

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