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Jenny Saville

Jenny Saville Paints at Night

The use of oil paint in thick pink tones remind me of sophisticated beauty but mostly of a slain beast; images disappearing into each other, appearing again asking for us to pay attention to the detail.
Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama – The Polka Dot Princess who Propositioned the President

The story goes that Kusama sewed dollar bills into her kimono and set off across the Pacific determined to conquer New York. New York at that time was an intimidating place, particularly for anyone Japanese.
Is Photography Considered to be Art?

Is Photography Considered to be Art?

Many consider that photography is an art of our time. This is due to the fact that the world is adapting to living with technological help; for example, your phone, laptop and your computer. Many people work from these devices and, without these devices, would be unemployed. This links back to the fact that contemporary artists have adapted to using their cameras for creating art.
Abstract painting

Collecting as Creativity and a Side Dish of Philanthropy.

This is true of the Maeght Foundation, not so well known as the Guggenheim Foundation but equally important as commentator and influencer. Aime Maeght and Peggy Guggenheim, born eight years apart, shared love for collecting art ...
Tamara de Lempicka

Tamara de Lempicka: the apotheosis of style and glamour or homoerotic kitsch of the...

Throughout her life, Tamara’s work changes according to the climate, and in the next stage of her life, this was no exception. 1933 brought the Great Depression to the world and with it a period of sadness and idleness.
Fringe by Rebecca Belmore (Anishinaabe), 2007 (Minneapolis Institute of Art © Rebecca Belmore)

The Hearts of Our People: Female Native American Artists Celebrating their Unique Heritage

‘Women in contemporary art’, is featured in this online experience through the photography of Native photojournalist Tailyr Irvine, featured at the National Museum of the American History with an installation with Russel Albert called ‘Developing Stories’. Tailyr succeeds in breaking down stereotypes of Native peoples, to portray stories that show the complex diversity of their contemporary lives.