Weathering the Covid-19 storm

Art galleries, studios and creative spaces can all buck the lockdown blues by engaging with the artists, collectors and their local communities using social media. There are so many different platforms out there and a lot of people have a lot of time to scan through content on social media sites...
Abstract painting

Collecting as Creativity and a Side Dish of Philanthropy.

This is true of the Maeght Foundation, not so well known as the Guggenheim Foundation but equally important as commentator and influencer. Aime Maeght and Peggy Guggenheim, born eight years apart, shared love for collecting art ...

Looking back to secure the future

The Covid-19 outbreak has a lot of people worried about the future, as well as concerned about the risk of recession on a global scale. For those art collectors amongst us, safeguarding our investment is a priority that cannot be ignored. Fortunately there are a few ways that you can actually use the crisis to your advantage, which includes not being afraid to sell masterpieces.