Sunday, April 2, 2023



Curator: Ina Contemporary Art

«Quand j’étais un enfant, je parlais comme un enfant, je pensais comme un enfant, je raisonnais comme un enfant ; quand je suis devenu un homme, j’ai mis fin à ce qui était de l’enfant.»

To imagine an antagonistic project would be to evoke these children who, thinkers at night in their bed, get an idea of ​​their future life.
Here, Childhood Memories presents adults tormented by their childhood memories.
The staged in black and white are the witness of a forgotten past, each visual element referring to a memory.
The adult ages but the object remains intact, so a dresser plays its role of Pandora’s box, like an untouchable treasure and eternal. Imagination is the only key left to the viewer to understand the images.
The shooting stage appears here as an encounter, a human exchange, nostalgic and precious.
The chosen light becomes the synonym for a certain sweetness, considered by Solomon Jamy Brown as the best way to deliver a message. In this project, knowledge, considered as an asset, gives room for reflection and carelessness.
The lost paradise closes the eyes on the reflection and the experience to privilege a thought, and an instinctive action.
But what is this lost paradise? It would be a “receptacle”, a secret garden, bursting with imagination, pleasure and naivety.
Whether the child is happy or not, he owns this little personal box. However, growing up, the child learns the truth, his vision of life becomes troubled, altered by a reality too difficult to accept.
At first sight, Childhood Memories seems to present a subject of the past. Yet these beliefs remain current and question the human about its place in society, its ambitions and its future.
Centered on the representation of this concern, the work of Solomon Jamy Brown founds the dream of a more authentic world.
The models of this project are the actors of this renaissance. The photographic work froze, for a moment, this life that passes too quickly.

About Solomon

Solomon Jamy Brown and spent his early years in Togo. He lives and works in Paris today.
In Africa, he discovers photography by seeing his father spend hours in a black and white photo lab.
Arrived in France to study software engineering, Solomon will resume a decade later, in parallel with his job, photography, which is his great passion and his artistic commitment.
Solomon Jamy Brown approaches photography in a complete and structured way by also taming the studio environment, and using the techniques of film photography.
In 2016, he exhibited a series of portraits of committed and volunteer activists, “Osez Citoyen” at the Place de la République in Paris, under the auspices of the Young Economic Chamber of Paris.
In 2017 and again in 2018, he organizes in Paris “instant interviews”, an event noticed between cultural actors and passionate about photography.
Today his new project “The Children of Paradise Lost”, tackles the themes of memories of childhood, will take almost 2 years to be realized.
Presented as of May 4 at the Renaissance Trocadero, then from June 13 to June 16, Solomon Jamy Brown will present a series of images, the first step in a vast and ambitious program of artistic research that will be enriched throughout the years. years to come.